The Beaux' Stratagem by George Farquhar

The Corfield Hall, Taunton 17th – 20th March, 1971
Thomas Aimwell John Reynolds
Francis Archer Neil Jopson
Squire Sullen David Watkin
Sir Charles Freeman Robin Bush
Foigard David Lea
Gibbet, a Highwayman Patrick Sanders
Hounslow Bob Corrick
Bagshot John Darlington
Boniface Ron Dawson
Scrub, a servant John Burbery
Lady Bountiful Hilda Chapman
Mrs Sullen Rosemary Allsworth
Dorinda Shirley Bundey
Gipsy Felicity Tottle
Cherry Beryl Morris
Countrywoman Nora Etheridge
Tapster, Coach Passengers, Servants Esther Rogers, Felicity Jopson, Patricia Batten, Nila Snazell, Don Crewe, Alan Bubb, John Darlington
Directed by John Wilkins
Designed by Chris Gulliford in association with Brenda Willcock
Stage Manager Peter Faram
Lighting Ian Marfell
Assisted by John Stevens and Roger Tozer
Costumes Gwen Wilkins
Assisted by Margaret Bartlett, Edna Dawson, Betty Lea, Margaret Sanders and Nila Snazell
Properties Lorna Ferris, Judy Wilmer and Sue Shields
Assistant Stage Manager Barbara Gulliford
Music composed by John Holroyd
Dance arranged by Lesley Stones
Fight arranged by Geoff Davies
Production Assistant Esther Rogers
Front of House or Acknowledgments
Front of House Manager John Howe
Stewards Directed by Ralph Martin
Programme Sellers Directed by Noreen Marfell
Box Office William Rich and Vera Rich
Coffee Betty Lea and Marjorie Balman