The Brontës, by Alfred Sangster

Ladymead School, Taunton, May 11th - 12th, 1962
Reverend Patrick Brontë Alex Yandall
Charlotte Brontë Vera Rich
Emily Brontë Judith Fowler
Anne Brontë Sheila Dunn
Branwell Brontë David Lea
Miss Branwell Laura Steel
Tabitha, their old servant Gwen Wilkins
M Heger, Director of the
Pensionnat Heger, Brussels
John File
Mme Heger Phyllis Brown
Mr George Smith, Junior Partner John File
Mr W. E. Williams,
first reader of Smith, Elder & Co
John Wilkins
George Henry Lewes Frederick Miller
Willam Makepeace Thackeray Geoffrey Thomas
Reverend William Weightman Gerald Holding
Reverend Arthur Bell Nicholls Sydney Banks
Miss Wooler Pearl Churchill
Office Boy Stephen Morris
Producer Kathleen Marfell
Set Design Frederick Miller
Stage Manager Pater Faram
Stage Director Jonathan Cozens
Lighting Ian Marfell
Properties Dorothy Banks and Margaret Macfarlane
Sound Effects Michael Turner and Leslie Morris
Wardrobe Mistress Phyllis Peel Corbin
Call Girl Marion Watts
Front of House & Acknowledgements
Stewards Stuart Marfell
Programmes Noreen Marfell
Box Office Vera Rich