The Children's Hour by Lillian Hellman

Barnfield Theatre, Exeter, 25th - 27th April 1996; Queen's College, Taunton, 30th April - 4th May 1996
Karen Wright Vivienne Sharland
Martha Dobie Jenny Andrews
Mrs Lilly Mortar Thelma Wander
Mrs Tilford Beryl Morris
Agatha Pearl Churchill
Mary Tilford Annette Stenhouse
Rosalie Wells Chloe Pearn
Peggy Rogers Daniele Sharland
Catherine Carley Honeybun
Lois Fisher Rachel Borrows
Evelyn Munn Kathryn Redstone
Helen Melissa Howell
Jane Claire Baker
Dr Joseph Cardin Jason Carter
Grocery Boy Bobbie Honeybun
Director Sylvia Fellgett
Set Design & Construction George Lashbrook & Peter Sussex
Lighting Pauline Goldsworthy
Stage Manager Paddy Stratton
DSM Pam Wall
Sound Oliver Hellis
Prompt Joy Reason
Wardrobe Gwen Henley
Props Wendy Stark & Kathy Chanter
Publicity Nicola Webley & Clare Coe
Front of House Members of the Society