The Cradle Song by Gregorio and Maria Martínez Sierra

Corfield Hall, Taunton, 5th & 6th June 1951.
Prioress Elisabeth Taylor
Mistress of the Novices Alma Thomas
Vicaress Margaret Sutherland-Livingston
Sister Joanna of the Cross Joan Broad
Sister Marcella Marjorie Darker
Sister Maria Jesus Rita Pearse
Sister Sagrario Shirley Milton
Sister Tornera Betty Osmond
Sister Inez Esther Rogers
The Doctor John Hargreaves
Teresa Marguerite Jenkins
Antonio Patrick Sands
A Voice Richard King
Monitors, Nuns, etc Barbara Rees, Iris Coles and Rose Jenkins
Produced by Katherine Key
Setting designed by Lesley Key
Stage Manager John Morgan
The Setting constructed by Eddie Pain
Settings painted by Leslie Key, Gordon Cox, John Lock,
Marguerite Jenkins, Gillian Key & Harding Jenkins
Lighting Bill Morgan
Assisted by Basil Allen & Harding Jenkins
Wardrobe Mistress Phyllis Peel Corbin
Theresa's Costume made by Marguerite Jenkins
Properties Adelaide Skinner
Assistant Stage Manager Margaret Weaver
Sound Margaret Weaver & Richard King
Make Up Gillian Key
Prompt Brenda Reed
Stage Staff John Lock & Charlie Adams
Assitance with Plain Chant Mr Trevett
Music Elisabeth Taylor
Box Office Lilian Hender, Beatrice Darby, Alma Thomas & Gwen Wilkins