The Garden of Adonis, by Peter Watling

The Corfield Hall, Taunton, March 14th - 17th, 1962
Lady Vaughan Kathleen Marfell
Daisy Webster Catherine Greenhill
Barbara Twining Elizabeth Murray
Dot Majendie Margaret Macfarlane
Major Alexander Twining Edward Brown
Diamondi Suzanne Lee
Atkins Henry Adams
Isobel Twining Elsie Goldsmith
Producer William Sleep
Set Design Mary Oldrey
Stage Manager David Lea
Stage Director John Wilkins
Assistant Stage Manager Audrey Angell
Lighting Ian Marfell
Wardrobe Mistress Laura Steel
Properties Margaret Jones and Mollie Parffrey
Sound Effects Jack Naylor
Scenic Assistants and Stage Staff Sidney Banks, John Lock,
Arthur Parffrey, Harold Passmore
Call Girl Janice Rugg
Front of House & Acknowledgements
Stewards Stuart Marfell
Programmes Noreen Marfell
Box Office Vera Rich