The Gioconda Smile by Aldous Huxley

Corfield Hall, Taunton, 23rd - 28th March, 1953.
Henry Hutton Derek Wheal
Janet Spence Vera Rich
Nurse Braddock Alma Thomas
Doris Mead Joan Gaskell
Dr Libbard Leslie Hender
General Spence Alex Yandall
Maids Ann Goodliffe and Ann Foster
Warders Colin Durham and Reginald Sparks
Produced by Kathleen Marfell
Scenery designed by Leonard Meux
Stage Manager Leonard Hewitt
Assistant Stage Managers Jerome Styles and Marjorie Galloway
Stage Carpenter James Wells
Property Mistresses Hilda Fry and Vera Styles
Wardrobe Mistress Betty Osmond
Lighting Leonard Armstrong and Peter Coombs
Sound Effects Bobby Clarke and Iris Coles
Call Girls Pat Routley and Marjorie Webber
Scenery constructed and painted by Joan Broad, Harry Fry, John Lock, Mary Owen, Eddie Pain, Neil Trood
Stage Staff Chas Adams, Gordon Bradford, Fred Cridlin, Sheila Durham, Les Kimmins, John Lock, Eddie Pain, Neil Trood, Ashplant Westcott
Stewards under the direction of Walter Trump
Programme Sellers directed by Ju Archard