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The Good Doctor, by Neil Simon

Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, 15th – 19th March 2011
Father Tony Venn Boy Tony Leach Girl Jane Edwards
Narrator Michael Gilbert
The Sneeze
Ivan Cherdyakov Charlie Dorr
Madame Cherdyakov Hayley Watson
Gen Brassilhov Mike Leach
Madame Brassilhov Carrie Vaughan
The Governess
Mistress Alison Jenkinson
Julia Sarah Twomey
Kuryatin Tony Leach
Sexton Vonmiglasov Mark Dawson
Too Late for Happiness
Woman Carrie Vaughan
Man Tony Venn
The Seduction
Peter Semyonych Mike Leach
Wife Sarah Twomey
Husband Mark Dawson
The Drowned Man
Narrator Michael Gilbert
Sailor Tony Leach
Policeman Chris Key
The Audition
Girl Hayley Watson
Voice Richard Stenner
A Defenceless Creature
Kistunov Richard Stenner
Pochatkin Michael Gilbert
Woman Dona Bullion
The Arrangement
Director Polly Bray
Producer Rene Kilner
Stage Manager Stuart Lyddon
DSM Brian Lewis
Lighting Design Kevin Stratton
Lighting Rigging & Operation Kevin Stratton and SPACE Company Members
Sound Graham Reeks
Musical arrangement (Too Late for Happiness) Tony Leach
Musicians (Too Late for Happiness) Tony Leach (Guitar), Mike Leach (Piano)
Costume Charlotte Briggs & Kirsten Whyte
Supported by Alison Jenkinson & Chloe Stepney
Make Up & Hair Amy Parker
Supported by Mary Elliot, Faith Wignall and Jess Mills
Props Swannie & Kimberly Van-Stein
Black Gang John Burbery, Kaiih Clarke, Chris Key and Charlie Dorr
Prompt Karen Kerslake
Publicity Ron Roberts, Michael Gilbert, Jane Edwards, Rene Kilner, Carrie Vaughan
Poster Design Polly Bray, Janis Brockis, Michael Gilbert
Programme Michael Gilbert
Front of House Laura Richmond
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