The Hollow by Agatha Christie

Odeon Theatre, Taunton, 19th – 24th October, 1953.
Henrietta Angkatell Marjorie Darker
Sir Henry Angkatell, KCB Ulick Huntington
Lady Angkatell Kathleen Marfell
Midge Harvey Joan Gaskell
Gudgeon Aubrey French
Edward Angkatell Alex Yandall
Doris Barbara Finch
Gerda Cristow Doris Barber
John Cristow, MD, FRCP Derek Wheal
Veronica Craye Dione Willoughby
Inspector Colquhoun, CID Percy Olds
Detective Sergeant Penny Richard Towell
Produced by Kathleen Marfell
Scenic Designer Leonard Meux
Stage Manager Sydney Mearing
Assistant Stage Manager Fred Cridlin
Lighting Peter Coombs, John Dowell, Arthur Newton
Wardrobe Mistress Kay Meux
Assistant Wardrobe Mistress Alma Thomas
Properties Vera Rich
Assistant Properties Betty Osmond
Sound Effects Jill Drowley and Anne Goodliffe
Call Girls Isobel Leek, Pat Wickens and Janet Wilkins
Scenery constructed and painted by Ben Fisher, Harry Fry, Len Hewitt, Madge Hewitt, John Lock, Mary Owens, Neil Trood, Derek Wheal
Stage Gang Chas Adams, Audrey Angell, Alan Carnes, Colin Durham, Ben Fisher, Len Hewitt, John Lock, Eddie Pain, Patricia Shand, Robin Shand, Stan Smith, Neil Trood, James Wells, Ashplant Westcott
Stewards under the direction of Walter Trump
Programme Sellers directed by Betty Goulding