The Lady's Not for Burning by Christopher Fry

Corfield Hall, Taunton, 30th November and 1st December 1951.
Richard (an Orphaned Clerk) Patrick Sands
Thomas Mendip (a Discharged Soldier) Kenneth Galloway
Alizon Eliot Jill Drowley
Nicholas Devize Derek Moon
Margaret Devize Kitty Key
Humphrey Devize Michael Savage
Hebble Tyson (the Mayor) Paul Young
Jennet Jourdemayne Marjorie Darker
The Chaplain Sydney Mearing
Edward Tappercoom (A Justice) Alec Goulding
Matthew Skipps Aubrey French
Produced by Elisabeth Taylor
Stage Manager Eddie Pain
Stage Carpenter Len Hewitt
Wardrobe Marion Adams
Properties Alice Pain
Scenery Peggy Robertson
Lighting Harding Jenkins
Sound Effects Esther Rogers
Stage Staff Fred Cridlin, Sam Dix, Barbara Finch, Joan Gaskell, Rose Jenkins, John Morgan, G Parsons, B Sands, M E Taylor, Margaret Weaver, James Wells, Gwen Wilkins