The Merchant of Venice, by William Shakespeare

The Corfield Hall, Taunton, 20th - 23rd March, 1957
The Duke of Venice John Wilkins
The Prince of Morocco Kenneth Stark
The Prince of Arragon Raymond Crook
Antonio John Emmett
Bassanio Leonard Green
Gratiano Joseph Boyce
Salarino Keith Jary
Solanio Raymond Hull
Lorenzo Kenneth Galloway
Shylock Alex Yandall
Tubal Leslie Morris
Launcelot Gobbo Arthur Moorhouse
Old Gobbo Leslie Morris
Leonardo Roger Tutton
Balthazar William Sleep
Staphano John Spear
Clerk of the Court Eric Power
Portia Rosemary Labbett
Nerissa Pam Sharpe
Jessica Daphne Parkman
Page Sandra Trood
Magnificoes of Venice, Officers of the Court of Justice, a Gaoler, Servants and other Attendants William Sleep, Raymond Crook, John Spear, Roger Tutton, Leslie Morris
Producer Derek Wheal
Stage Director Grace Dickie
Stage Manager Dennis Preece
Lighting Peter Coombs
Costumes designed by Grace Dickie
And made by Pat Attrill, Hilda Chapman, Beatrice Darby, Elsie Goldsmith, Rose Jenkins, Margaret Livingston, Phyllis Peel Corbin, Adelaide Skinner and Gwen Wilkins
Scenery construction and Stage Staff Dennis Preece, Edward (Ted) Goldsmith, Russell Bryant, John Emmett, Keith Jary, Maureen Preece, Iris Coles, Rosemary Labbett, Margaret MacFarlane, Kenneth Stalker, Bill Warner, Audrey Angell
Stewards Directed by James Weaver
Programme Sellers Directed by Alma Thomas
Music Bishop Fox's Recorder Group
Under the direction of Elisabeth Taylor