The Rising Generation by Wyn Weaver and Laura Leycester

Webmaster's note: The only members of the Orchestra who have been linked elsewhere are the two who have done other things with Thespians. Also "Messrs Gaskell and Garraway" haven't been linked, although it's possible that the latter is the son of Alan Garraway

St Andrew’s Hall, Taunton, 25th - 27th February, 1932
Emily Entwhistle Barbara Spencer
Puddifer Harold Fairweather
Geoffrey Entwhistle Robert Young
Warwick Entwhistle Percy Olds
Winnie Entwhistle Mary Small
Vane Harpenden Molly Badcock
Taxi Driver Frank Bonning
Maid Diana Lorden
George Breeze Leslie Warren
Walter Morrell Wilfred Westlake
Selina Morrell Gladys Young
Felix Andrews Vivian Davey
John Morrell James Cowan
A Late Arrival Gladys Murray
Produced by John Wilkins
Stage Manager Harold Fairweather
Scenery designed and painted by A J Simpson and J Cowan
Stage Carpenters A J Williams and L Ellis
Lighting by Messrs Gaskell and Garraway
Under the supervision of Alan Garraway
Orchestra Conductor Louis Hulatt
Orchestra: Ladies Misses M Hammet, M Hedges, K Marfell, M Rudge
Orchestra: Gentlemen Messrs K Jordan, E L King, A Bellinger, R Hall, W Jones, H Miles, F Smith, O Smith
Wardrobe and Properties Committee Margaret Jenkin, Gladys Murray, Harold Fairweather, John Went
Hall Arrangements under the direction of Horace Mole
Business Manager Vivian Davey