The Rivals, by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Summer Tour, June 2008: 17th The Frank Bond Centre, Bishops Hull, Taunton; 18th Cleeve Abbey, Roadwater; 19th Fyne Court, Broomfield; 20th Kytton Barton; 21st Lovibonds Farm, Burrowbridge; 24th Glastonbury Abbey; 25th Muchelney Abbey, Langport; 26th The Cleve Hotel, Wellington; 27th County Museum, Taunton; 28th Monty’s Court
Fag Mr. Andrew Miller
Thomas Mr. Jonny Leach
Lydia Languish Miss Abi Vickery
Lucy Mrs. Nikki Court
Julia Miss Hollie Cooper
Mrs. Malaprop Mrs. Jane Edwards
Sir Anthony Absolute Mr. Ray Court
Captain Jack Absolute Mr. Matt Webber
Faulkland Mr. Samuel Powell
Acres Mr. Mark Dawson
Sir Lucius O'Trigger Mr. Michael Gilbert
Director Peter Norbury
Producer & Tour Manager Ron Roberts
Assistant to Mr Roberts Mark Dawson
Stage Manager Stuart Lyddon
Sound & Lights Graham Reeks
Support Trawl Nicola Dawson
Properties Pam Fleming
Assisted by Jacqueline Roberts
Costume Nikki Court & Rose Humphreys
Rehearsal Prompt Joy Reason
Tour Prompt 1st Week: Polly Bray, 2nd Week Jane Burt
Publicity & Programme Design Michael Gilbert
Publicity Team Michael Gilbert, Ron Roberts, Jane Edwards
Van Driver Matt Webber
Minibus Driver Dusty Miller
Business Manager Tony Beaven
Finance & Box Office Manager Jacqueline Roberts

Pictures 1 - Rehearsals

Pictures 2 - Muchelney Abbey

Pictures 3 - Taunton Castle