The Secretary Bird, by William Douglas Home

Corfield Hall, Taunton, 1974 (No programme or dates in paper archive)
Hugh Walford John Emmett
Liz Walford Rosemary Allsworth
Mrs Gray Beryl Morris
Molly Forsyth Stephanie Roberts
John Brownlow John Reynolds
Director Eileen Emmett
Settings Patrick Sanders
Stage Manager Elizabeth Mortimer White
Lighting Ian Marfell, David Hughes
Wardrobe Nila Snazell
Assistant Manager Hilary Marshall
Properties Gillian Woodroffe, Sari Byrne and Jean Lawson
Sound Effects Andrew Wrathall
Scenic Assistants Edward (Ted) Goldsmith and John Darlington
Front of House & Acknowledgements
House Manager John Howe
Programme Noreen Marfell
Box Office Bill Rich
Coffee Betty Lea and Marjorie Balman