The Shop at Sly Corner by Edward Percy

Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, Taunton, December 1985
Descius Heiss John Morris
Archie Fellowes Howard Wander
Margaret Heiss Deborah Bettridge
Joan Deal Kate Davis
Mathilde Heiss Joan Farbus
Mrs Catt Florence Evans
Robert Graham Colin Moultrie
Corder Morris John Burbery
Steve Hubbard Nick Fawcett
John Elliot Richard Brown
A Voice Bob Hudson
Directed by Tom Hull
Stage Manager Allen Broom
Assistant Stage Managers George Lashbrook, Janet Dodd, Betty Donald
Lighting Pauline Goldsworthy
Sound Bob Hudson
Properties David Pollard
Assisted by Sue Berry, Elizabeth Scott, Edward (Ted) Goldsmith
Wardrobe Elsie Goldsmith, Carol Burbery
Make-up Jack Hull
Set Design & Construction Patrick Sanders
Assisted by Margaret Sanders, George Lashbrook
Front of House or Acknowledgments
For designing programme and poster artwork Doreen Lewis-Smith
For cast and production photographs Delmar Studios
For secretarial assistance Shirley Boobyer
For hand designed posters Bernard Gay
For erecting publicity billboards George Lashbrook
For loan of radio Gordon MacDonald
For loan of Brass Buddha Peach’s
For loan of jeweller’s tools M. Welch