The Sickness of Salome by Wilfred Westlake

A British Drama League Festival entry, The Town Hall, Taunton, 5th March, 1936

It should be noted that the author had a protracted correspondence with the Lord Chamberlain’s Office during March 1936, in which he was three times denied the granting of a licence for public performance, as “it is, in effect, a burlesque of a portion of the New Testament”. The adjudicator, one Mr H C G Stevens, said “It was not meant to be a biblical play, but a variation of a biblical theme. He believed the play would be published before long, and he hoped they would read it.” Mr Stevens was Press Manager for 4 or 5 West End theatres at the time.

The Nurse Nell Garraway
The Doctor Charles Burrough
Salome Pauline Clode
Herodias Doris Barber
Herod Charles Cole
John the Baptist Stanley Cair
Produced by Wilfred Westlake
Costumes designed by Margaret Crisp