The Vigil by Ladislas Fodor

Corfield Hall, Taunton, 3rd – 4th April, 1952.
Mrs Haris (a Negress charwoman) Doris Barber
The Night Watchman John Wilkins
The Judge John Hargreaves
The Prosecutor Alex Yandall
The Defence Counsel Kenneth Galloway
The Clerk of the Court Leslie Key
The Gardener (the Defendant) Richard King
The Guard David Jones
Esther (a country girl) Mary Roskams
Lucius, a soldier John Dowell
Mr Pinchas (a shopkeeper) Paul Young
Joseph (a wealthy lawyer) Gordon Bradford
Lady Procula (the Governor’s wife) Hilda Fry
Pontius Pilate, the Governor Leslie Hender
Saul, a Deputy Derek Wheal
Beulah, a Barmaid Mary Young
Sadoc, a Private Detective Sydney Mearing
Susannea, a housewife Peggy Appleby
Thaddeus, a Professor Aubrey French
Magdalen, a Convert Joan Broad
Peter, a Fisherman Alex Goulding
Produced by Katherine Key
Stage Manager John Cox
Set designer Leslie Key
Wardrobe Marion Adams
Properties Laura Steel
Electrician Harding Jenkins
Sound Effects Margaret Weaver and John Morgan
Stage Staff Pamela Cole, John Lock, Eddie Pain, Beryl Reed, Vera Rich, Lorna White