The Vigil, by Ladislas Fodor

The Corfield Hall, Taunton, March 11th - 14th, 1959
Mrs Harris, the charwoman Doris Barber
The Night Watchman Sidney Headley
The Judge John Wilkins
The Prosecutor Alex Yandall
The Defence Cousel Ulick Huntington
The Clerks of the Court Joseph Boyce, David Greet
The Guard Nigel Thorn
The Gardener; The Defendant John Dorse
Esther, a country girl Margaret Macfarlane
Lucius, a soldier Oliver Reynolds
Mr Pinchas, a shopkeeper Neil Trood
Joseph, a wealthy lawyer Kenneth Galloway
Lady Procula, the Governor's wife Kathleen Marfell
Pontius Pilate, the Governor Edward (Ted) Goldsmith
Saul, a deputy Derek Wheal
Beulah, a barmaid Pamela Gardner
Sadoc, a private detective William Sleep
Susanna, a housewife Dorothy Morris
Thaddeus, a professor Aubrey French
Magdalen, a convert Priscilla Lansdown
Peter, a fisherman Sidney Headley
Producer John Wilkins
Stage Manager and Assistant Producer Kathleen Marfell
Lighting Peter Lines, Ian Marfell, Roger Channing
Wardrobe Gwen Wilkins
Properties Catherine Greenhill
Backstage assistance Audrey Angell, Sydney Banks, David Greet
The music selected and recorded by H Howell Reed
Front of House & Acknowledgements
Hall management, stewarding, programme selling, box office Members of Taunton Christian Youth Fellowship