They Came to a City by J B Priestley

Memorial Hall, Taunton School, 12th – 15th September, 1945.
Lady Loxfield Barbara Spencer
Philippa Loxfield Heather White
Cudworth Aubrey French
Mrs Batley Betty Goulding
Sir George Gedney Robert Young
Dorothy Stritton Dione Livingston
Alice Foster Patricia Machin
Malcolm Stritton C E Miller
Joe Dinmore Ulick Huntington
Produced by John Wilkins
Stage Manager Leonard Meux
Lighting by J S Innocent, B Sparks, M Hulatt, J Akass
Wardrobe Mistress Kay Meux
Call Girls Ann Way and Rosemary Olds
The Set built and painted by Alan Carnes, J Westcott and Stanley Perratt, under the direction of Leonard Meux
Directing Steward W Trump
Programme Sellers directed by Margery Laws
Hall Manager F G Dowell
Sound Equipment by Douglas Paynter