Toad of Toad Hall by A. A. Milne

Corfield Hall, Taunton 27th – 31st January 1976
Marigold Caroline Dawes
Nurse Betty Holmes
Mole Colin Craggs
Water Rat John Reynolds
Mr. Badger Michael Morrice
Toad David Hughes
Alfred Ray Stokes & Ray Jarvis
Chief Ferret Celia Morris
Chief Stoat Philippa MacLean
Fieldmice Sarah Mansfield & William Cann
Policeman William Allsworth
Goaler Peter Ross
Usher David Lea
Judge Dennis Holman
Phoebe Leslie Harrison
Washerwoman Florence Evans
Mama Rabbit Fiona Pannell
Bargewoman Audrey Angell
Baby Rabbits Wendy Downswell, Felicity Morris, Anna Painter & Rachael Porter
Ferrets, weasels, Stoats, Rabbits, Squirrels & Fieldmice The Pleiades
Rabbits’ Ballet by The Joanna Blackley School of Dancing
Directed by Patrick Sanders
Settings by Robin Bush
Music played by Eileen Green
Stage Manager Peter Faram
Ian Marfell
Assisted by Martin Trott
Wardrobe Mistress
Elsie Goldsmith
Assisted by June Midgley, Linda Howe, Rosemary Allsworth & Margaret Sanders
Sound Effects Paul Betty
Props Thelma Wander & Pearl Churchill
Assistant Stage Manager Barbara Viant
Settings constructed by Patrick Sanders & Paul Tighe
Front of House or Acknowledgments
For Advance Bookings Taylors Record Shop
For Backcloth Axminster Drama Club
House Manager Fred Woodroffe
Box Office Ted Goldsmith
Coffee Betty Lea & Marjorie Balman
Programme sellers directed by Janice Marfell