Tom Jones based on the novel by Henry Fielding, 
Dramatised by Joan MacAlpine

Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, Taunton, 25th – 29th September 1984
Tom Jones Richard Brown
Squire Allworthy Anthony Brown
Thwackum Peter Gange
Blifil Howard Wander
Squire Western Robert Hudson
Molly Seagrim Michelle Russell
Sophia Western Jenny Western
Honour Lee Davis
Doctor Stephen Morley
Susan Julia Ferris
Mrs Walters Patricia Hudson
Mrs Fitzpatrick Freda Storey
Betty Betty Donald
Lord Fellamar Mark Hammett
Constable Stephen Morley
Other characters played by Timothy Worts, James Smith, Susan Shaxon, Angela Stiles, Josephine Bates, Karen Dyer, Fiona Holmes.
Directed by Ian Ritchie
Stage managed by
Alan Broom
Assisted by Vivian Spence
Lighting by John Fisher
Set Designed and constructed by Peter Lisle
Prompt Simone Farbus
Susan Berry
Assisted by Yvonne Kershaw
Costumes by Thelma Wander
Costume Consultant Elsie Goldsmith
Publicity Howard Wander
Front of House or Acknowledgments
Wigs supplied by Dauphines, Bristol