The Tram-Track Tragedy
Peter and Patricia Ariss

Somerset County Drama Festival, Warehouse Theatre, Ilminster, 25th March 2018
Our Ever Effusive and Eloquent Chairman (Hooray!) Alan Coles
The Dastardly Sir Putrid Canker (Boo!) Ben Williamson
Little Nellie, Genuinely Touching in her Naivety Dona Bullion
The Bright, Lively, Loving and protective Sister Belle Karen Bolton
The Pathetically Blundering, Short-sighted Hero Claud Body (Hooray!)  Peter Meredith
The Man with a Multitude of Parts (no, seriously!) maat ward
Director Jane Busby
Producer Jane Edwards
Sound design and operation Andy Busby
Wardrobe Dona Bullion
Make-up Jane Busby
Props Donna Bullion
Rehearsal Prompt Jane Edwards
Performance Prompt Martin Jevon
Set Construction Des Pollard