Treasure Hunt by M J Farrell and John Perry

Odeon Theatre, Taunton, 20th – 25th October, 1952.
Brigid O’Keefe, the housemaid Beryl Hunt
William Burke, the houseboy Neil Trood
Mrs Guidera, the cook Beatrice Darby
Gerald Walsh, a solicitor Sydney Mearing
Mrs Consuelo Howard, Philip’s aunt Kitty Key
Hercules Ryall, Consuelo’s brother Bobby Dodd
Sir Philip Ryall, Hercules’ nephew Richard Towell
Veronica Howard, Philip’s cousin Jill Drowley
Aunt Anna Rose, Philip’s great aunt Doris Barber
Eustace Mills Bernard Lloyd
Mrs Dorothy Cleghorne-Thomas, Eustace’s sister Laura Steel
Yvonne Cleghorne-Thomas, Dorothy’s daughter Gillian Key
A taxi driver Bill Ridley
Produced by Kenneth Galloway
Scenic Designer Leonard Meux
Stage Manager Sydney Mearing
Assistant Stage Manager Vera Rich
Lighting Leslie Hender, assisted by Peter Coombs, John Dowell and W E Burchill
Wardrobe Mistresses Kay Meux, Marjorie Galloway and Marion Adams
Properties Adelaide Skinner
Sound Effects Bobby Clarke and Jean South
Stage Carpenter James Wells
Call Girls Peggy Appleby and Mary Young
Scenery constructed and painted by Fred Cridlin, John Dowell, Ben Fisher, John Lock, Arthur Newton, Eddie Pain and Pop Westcott
Stage Staff Audrey Angell, Jim Archard, Alan Carnes, Fred Cridlin, Ben Fisher, John Lock, Arthur Newtonn, Eddie Pain, Bill Rich, Stan Smith and Pop Westcott
Stewards under the direction of Walter Trump
Programme sellers directed by Alma Thomas