Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Adapted from the book by Bernard Miles, Peter Coe & Josephine Wilson

The Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre 13th – 17th December 1977
Jim Hawkins Neil Tully
Black Dog Ken Jones
Billy Bones Ted Goldsmith
Blind Pew David Hughes
Anderson Harold Chadwick
Harry Ian McInally
Dr. Livesey Bill Allsworth
Squire Trelawney Peter Ross
Redruth Eric Pinel
Long John Silver Robin Bush
Morgan Ken Jones
Captain Smollett David Andrews
Merry Peter Ball
Israel Hands Howard Wander
Dick Paul Rhodes
O’Brien Paul Tighe
Tom John Reynolds
Gray Ian McInally
Ben Gunn David Lea
Robert Louis Stevenson Ian Ritchie
Captain Flint Scipio
Pirates Nick Armstrong, David Barrett, Jeremy Blood, Kevin Dawson, Simon Franklin, Kevin Lawton, John McEvansoneya, Peter Underwood, Nick Wood
Directed by Ian Ritchie
Designed by Ian Ritchie
Stage Managers Jane Barrett and Louise Paull
Lighting Ian Marfell and Martin Trott
Set built by Pat Sanders and David Shearman
Set painted by Ian Edwards, Gillian Kennelly, Richard Parsons, Margaret Sanders, and Pat Sanders
Costume Gwen Wilkins
Sound John Reynolds
Properties Thelma Wander
Assistant Stage Manager Janice Marfell
Company Secretary Elsie Goldsmith
Front of House or Acknowledgments
Guns from Bapty & Co.
Skeleton from St Joseph’s Convent
Barrels from Taunton Cider Company Limited
For the Taunton Thespians
Publicity Ray Stokes
Box Office Ted & Elsie Goldsmith
Programme Robin Bush
For the Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre
Manager and Licensee Christopher C. Durham
Theatre Trainee Charles Evans

The theatre is also staffed by volunteers, members of the Arts Centre and Theatre Association (ACTA).