Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas

1st Voice, Mr Pugh John Morris
2nd Voice Patrick Sanders
Captain Cat Tony Lister
Polly Garter; Bessie Bighead; 4th Drowned; Rev. Eli Jenkins Gwyneth Thomas
Butcher Beynon Bill Alsworth
Jack Black; Evans the Death Peter Brown
Mrs Pugh; Mrs Cherry Owen Carol Burbery
5th Drowned; Organ Morgan; Lord Cut Glass John Burbery
1st Gossipy Neighbour Gail Chaplain
Mr Waldo; Dai Bread; Ocky Milkman Dennis Cooke
2nd Gossipy Neighbour Julia Ferris
Mrs Beynon; Mary Ann Sailors Elsie Goldsmith
Cherry Owen; Utah Watkins; Preacher Edward (Ted) Goldsmith
Mrs Dai Bread One; Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard Doris Grose
2nd Drowned; P.C. Atila Rees; Fisherman; Voice of a Guide Book Phil Harris
Miss Myfannwy Price; Mrs Utah Watkins; Mae Rose Cottage Ros Mackie
Mrs Dai Bread Two; Mrs Organ Morgan Valerie Morris
3rd Drowned; Mr Mog Edwards; Mr Ogmore, Sinbad Sailors Colin Moultrie
4th Gossipy Neighbour Iris Pearson
3rd Gossipy Neighbour Jan Perry
Rosie Probert; Gossamer Beynon Elizabeth Scott
1st Drowned; Mr. Pritchard; Nogood Boyo; Willy Nilly Ken Stark
Lily Smalls; Mrs Willy Nilly Rose Sweeting
Children Pupils of Archbishop Cranmer Primary School; King's House, Pre-Preparatory School;Kings College, Parkfield County Primary School; Miss Margaret Way
Directed by Patrick Sanders
Stage Manager George Lashbrook
Assistant Stage Managers Allen Broom, Anthony Brown, Eileen Agrell
Lighting Janet Dodd
Sound David Pollard
Assisted by Steve Latham, Alison Maclen
Properties Florence Evans
Wardrobe Peter Gange
Set Design Patrick Sanders
Construction Edward (Ted) Goldsmith, Patrick Sanders, George Lashbrook
For designing programme artwork Adrian Halliwell
For production photographs Delmar Studio
For press photographs Alain Lockyer
For secretarial assistance Shirley Boobyer
For hand designed posters Bernard Gay
For erecting publicity billboards George Lashbrook
For providing display window Britannia Building Society
For loan of postbag G.P.O. Sorting Office
for loan of barrels Taunton Cider Company Ltd
For loan of butcher's cleaver M. A. Collard
For loan of milk churn Ivor Roberts
For technical assistance on sound Bob Hudson