Vassals Departing by Stuart Ready

Presented by the Taunton Thespian Club in either 1947 or 1952, exact date and venue unknown.There is a single page pasted into the archive book in both years, with the same three plays and casts. We think 1947 is the correct year, on evidence from the cast lists. If you have any better information, please contact the Webmaster
Iago, a Major-General James Golsworthy
Lear, a Pensioner Aubrey French
Nick Bottom, LRAM (Eloc.) Will Harries
Hamlet, a Student John Birch
Cleopatra, an ex-Queen Marguerite Palmer
Rosalind, a Bright Young Thing Jill Drowley
Desdemona, a Grass Widow Nina Thomas
Produced by Molly Golsworthy