Waiting in the Wings, by Noël Coward

The Corfield Hall, Taunton, 27th - 30th March, 1963
Bonita Belgrave Audrey Angell
Cora Clarke Gladys Hill
Maud Melrose Laura Steel
May Davenport Vera Rich
Almina Clare Betty Carnes
Estelle Craven Hilda Chapman
Deirdre O'Malley Elsie Goldsmith
Perry Lascoe, the Secretary Nigel Thorn
Sylvia Archibald, the Superintendent Gwen Wilkins
Mr Osgood Meeker Raymond Crook
Lotta Bainbridge Phyllis Baker
Dora Esther Rogers
Doreen Ingrid Bower
Sarita Myrtle Doris Martin
Zelda Fenwick Maisie Harwood
Dr Jevons John Packwood
Alan Bennett Henry Adams
Topsy Baskerville Kathleen Marfell
Producer Kathleen Marfell
Set Design Grace Dickie
Stage Director Sidney Banks
Stage Manager Margo Jones
Assistant Stage Managers Molly Parffrey and Josephine Mann
Lighting Ian Marfell
Wardrobe Mistress Noreen Marfell
Properties Dorothy Banks, assisted by Camille Sim, Rosemary Carnes and Patricia Carnes
Sound Effects Leslie Morris
Scenery constructed by Mansell Morgan, Keith Mills, John Lock, Edward (Ted) Goldsmith, Martin Morley
Call Boy Graham Banks
Front of House & Acknowledgements
Stewards Directed by Stuart Marfell
Programme Sellers Directed by Joy Lock and Peggy Groves