Wanted One Body by Raymond Dyer

Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, Taunton 22nd – 26th November 1988

Miss Barraclough

Joanne West

Mabel Middy Theresa Clarke
Ann Beale Laurie Horn
Ted Johnson John Coombes
Mr Blundell Peter Gange
Mr Mickelby Howard Wander
Agnes Doris Grose
Dr Brown John Burbery
Mr Sorrell Pat Sanders
Directed by Pat Hudson
Stage Manager Pat Sanders
Deputy Stage Manager Janet Dodd
Assistant Stage Manager Pearl Churchill
Lighting Jim Titley
Sound Heather Smith
Set Design & Construction Pat Sanders, George Lashbrook
Production Assistant Karen Beer
Publicity Harry Sheridan, John Morris
Props. Thelma Wander, Karen Beer
Wardrobe Betty Lashbrook
For designing programme cover Doreen Lewis-Smith
For artwork on Billboards Kit Morley
For erecting billboards John Burbery, Harold Chadwick
For Costume The Thespian Wardrobe & The Old Vic, Bristol
For loan of wig Anthonys Hairdressers
For loan of dummy hand British Home Stores
And all those other very kind people who have helped in various ways