Whiteoaks by Mazo de la Roche

Odeon Theatre, Taunton, 8th – 10th January, 1945.
Part of the glowing review in the local paper reads: “Miss Beringer could give a perfect study of the part (of Gran), having played it with great success in London, at the Playhouse and at the Comedy Theatre; also on a long provincial tour.”
Adeline Whiteoak Esmé Beringer
Augusta, Lady Buckley Kathleen Marfell
Nicholas Leslie Hender
Ernest Aubrey French
Renny Percy Olds
Meg Betty Goulding
Piers James Golsworthy
Finch Michael Green
Wakefield Richard Roberts
Pheasant Patricia Machin
Mr Patton John Wilkins
Produced by Esmé Beringer
Stage Director Leonard Meux
Stage Manager C E Miller
Assistant Stage Manager John Cox
The Scene designed and constructed by Leonard Meux with the assistance of Kay Meux, Nancy Perratt, John Cox, Richard Taylor, John Lock, Peter Mitford, Stanley Perratt, Alan Carnes, A W Westcott, F/Lt F Gulven, F/Lt E W Donat, F/Lt M W Dennes
Wardrobe Mistress Kay Meux
Call Girl Ann Way
Front of House Manager F G Dowell
Box Office Manager C A P Sapsford