Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf by Edward Albee

Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, Taunton March 18th – 22nd1980
Martha Patricia Dawson
George Stuart Symonds
Honey Avril Ross
Nick Peter Ross
Directed by Eileen Agrell
Stage Manager Peter Faram
Assistant Stage Managers Thelma Wander, Sue Berry & Nila Snazell
Set Design John Agrell
Stage Director and Set Construction Pat Sanders
Lighting Pauline Goldsworthy & Kathy Lashbrook
Sound John Reynolds & Andrew Wallace
Properties Pippa MacLean & Betty Holmes
Wardrobe Mary Yandall & Sheila Faram
Production Assistants John Reynolds, George Lashbrook,Sally Storey & John Lock
Hair Styles Barbara Stringer
Publicity for the play Eileen Agrell
Front of House or Acknowledgments
Gun Bapty’s, London
Wigs Simon (Wigs) Ltd.,
Snapdragons made by Mrs Lowe, Bradford-on-Tone
Desk Chair Cookery Nook Cafe
Display windows Brittania, Cheltenham & Gloucester, Halifax, Woolwich & Nationwide Building Societies, Midland Bank, Debenhams and Starkers Bazaar.
Hand Written Posters Bernard Gay, Taunton Printing Co.
Front of House or Acknowledgments for the Taunton Thespians
Box Office Ted & Elsie Goldsmith
Front of House or Acknowledgments for the Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre
Manager and Licensee Christopher C. Durham
Resident Stage Manager Tim Robinson
Maintenance Technician Roger McCormack