Wildest Dreams by Alan Ayckbourn

Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, Taunton 23rd – 27th May 1995
Stanley Inchbridge Barry Squance
Hazel Inchbridge Pamela Wall
Warren Wrigley Jason Carter
Rick Toller Annette Balaam
Marcie Banks Nicola Webley
Austen Skate Ian Ritchie
Thelma Wrigley Ruth Tremayne-Smith
Larry Banks Andy Holmes
Directed by Mike Linham
Stage Manager Barrie Palmer
Set Design Maggi Adams
Lighting Design Sebastian Petit
Deputy Stage Managers Rose Fisher & Gill Thompson
Assistant Stage Managers Wendy Stark, Kathy Chanter & Tammy Griffiths
Continuity Patricia Hudson
Set Construction George Lashbrook, Ken Stark & Peter Sussex
Sound Richard Potepa & James Hartland
Wardrobe Nikki Court & Jane Palmer
Production Co-ordinator John Burbery
Publicity Michael Speirs & Nicola Webley
Front of House Members of the Society
For poster and programme cover design Chris Lunn
For publicity photographs Tom Maxwell and Norma Walton
For loan of furniture Inwood Pine and Interior Elegance
For billboard erection John Burbery and Jason Carter
For the game pieces Mark Edwards
For loan of properties Mr Hardwick at Cassies Surplus Store