Worlds Apart, by Kenneth Galloway

The Corfield Hall, Taunton, 3rd - 6th October, 1956
The Spirit of Sir Timothy Mainwaring John Emmett
The Spirit of Lady Mainwaring (Esmeralda) Dione Willoughby
Jingo, a Butler Alex Yandall
Peter Fothergill-Thump Gerald Holding
Jean Simmering Daphne Parkman
Astrid Fothergill-Thump (Peter's mother) Beatrice Darby
Cyril Fothergill-Thump (Peter's father) William Sleep
Colonel Nigel Simmering (Jean's father) Leslie Morris
Penelope Simmering (Jean's mother) Kathleen Marfell
Producer Kenneth Galloway
Stage Director Derek Wheal
Stage Manager Rosemary Labbett
Assistant Stage Manager Phyllis Brown
Scenery designed by Derek Wheal
Lighting Joseph Bass
Wardrobe Mistress Phyllis Peel Corbin
Properties Eve Taylor and Rannie Renacre
Scenery constructed and painted by Derek Wheal, Ken Stalker, Stephen Wilkins and Peter Lines
Stage Staff Audrey Angell, Edward (Ted) Goldsmith, Keith Jary, Rose Jenkins, Betty Osmond, Roger Tutton, Peter Watts
Stewards Directed by James Weaver
Programme Sellers Directed by Alma Thomas