Worm's Eye View by R.F. Delderfield

The Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre 11th - 15th March 1997
Pop, a first world war veteran re-enlisted John Burbery
Duke, an aircraftsman awaiting air crew training Matt Webber
Mark, corporal in charge of the billet Marcus Palmer
Mrs Bounty, the landlady Florence Evans
Thelma, Mrs Bounty's maid Sasha Neklesa
Mr Bounty, Mrs Bounty's husband Harry Sheridan
Sydney Spooner, Mrs Bounty's son Andy Holmes
Porter, newly arrived recruit Richard Hockey
Taffy, newly arrived recruit Jason Carter
Bella, Mrs Bounty's daughter Rebecca Capell
Squadron Leader Briarly, CO of the unit Chris Harrison
Directed by Barrie Palmer
Assistant Director Jane Palmer
Stage Manager Martin Jevon
DSM Nicola Webley
ASMs Thelma Wander, Sylvia Fellgett, Joy Reason
Lighting Design/Operation Nick Cairns
Sound Operation Giles Lush
Wardrobe Barrie Palmer, Jane Palmer, Nikki Court
Production Co-ordinator Clare Coe
Set Design & Construction George Lashbrook, Bill Kingdon,
Barrie Palmer, Jane Palmer,
Members of the Company
Publicity Nicola Webley, Clare Coe
for publicity photographs Barrie Palmer
for Porter's and Taffy's pyjamas Julie Bird of
Marks & Spencer, Taunton
for Pop's pyjamas Marion Chedzoy of Montacute
for Porter's greatcoat Nigel Carolan
for additional badges and buttons etc. Jim Paul (and his mum) of
Old Times New Times, Taunton
for the ladies hairstyles Annette Balaam
for the loan of record collection for mood music George Lashbrook
for sponsorship of scripts Butterworth Jones, Chartered Accountants,
Lloyds Bank Chambers
for Mark's kitbag Jack Hull
for Duke's kitbag Brian Knowles