Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters, adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs

Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, 2005
The Somerset County Gazette's preview is available for download here. This is a PDF file, and quite big. Not for dial-up users.
Granny Weatherwax Viv Sharland
Nanny Ogg Sue Shaxon
Magrat Garlick Susie Tookey
King Verence, Robber Ray Court
Duke Felmet Mike Lord
Lady Felmet Verity Martindill
Fool Clive Linthorne
Vitoller, Guard, Gumridge Adrian Lynch
Mrs Vitoller, Peasant, Guard Jane Edwards
Tomjon, Soldier, Guard Rob Smith
Hwel, Demon, Actor Andrew Miller
Bowman, Guard, Robber, Witch, Player Martin Jevon
Bedlin, Soldier, Guard, Witch Jason Carter
Chamberlain, Peasant, Guard Tony Venn
Sergeant, Robber, Witch, Wimsloe Stuart Lyddon
Director Mike Linham
Stage Manager Mark Bond
DSM Kevin Stratton
Lighting James Linham
Sound Martin Peters
Set Design Becky Loxton
Set Construction Ray Court
Costumes Di Rawle, Nicola Dawson
Props Helen Witcomb, Marie Troake
Prompt Joy Reason
ASM Jane Burt
Front of House
FoH Team Helen Witcomb, Annette Balaam, Polly Bray, John Burbery, Carol Burbery, Sylvia Fellgett, Ann Finn, Sarah Saunders, Tessa Sutton
Publicity Liene Penny, Abigail Vickery, Ron Roberts
Producer Nicola Dawson
Assistant to Director Joy Reason
Programme Design Jane Edwards